Fees and costs

We welcome enquiries about our charges and fees. Whilst overall costs on some matters (especially litigation) are impossible to predict accurately, we are happy to give estimates and to discuss these in relation to likely outcomes.

  • fixed-fee or hourly-rate charging
  • hourly rate is £300 plus VAT
  • regular invoicing / expenditure advice
  • thorough advice at the outset, enabling informed decisions on the potential costs and benefits of a proposed action.

Our charges for two specific areas of work which we may undertake for you are:-

Residential Conveyancing

Whilst no two properties are the same the following charges will apply

Properties up to:
£450,000 the fee is £850 plus VAT and disbursements
£500,000 the fee is £950 plus VAT and disbursements
£600,000 the fee is £1,200 plus VAT and disbursements
£750,000 the fee is £1,500 plus VAT and disbursements

Please note if expedition, for example an attended exchange we will have to agree a specific fee with you at the outset of the transaction.

Thereafter we do need to give you a quote for your specific property transaction which will take into account the value, complexity and expedition required.

The disbursements to which we refer on a purchase will include search fees which are on average £300, they may be less or more depending on the location of the property, Land Registry fees which for transactions under £500,000 will be £135 and over £500,000 the fee is £270, over £1,000,000 the fee is £455 provided the documentation can be filed vie the Land Registry Portal. Please note additional fees may be incurred should additional documentation be subject to registration. Stamp Duty Land Tax will be payable at the rate prevailing for your specific transaction. If the Property is leasehold there will be additional registration fees payable to the landlord/managing agent. These do vary enormously, we are now seeing charges of up to £250 or more for this. At completion we will have to incur Bank Chaps fees which currently stand at £15 plus VAT per transfer. If administrative charges are imposed on us by mortgage providers or platforms these will be included in our account to you.

On a sale the disbursements may be less, for a freehold property Official Copy Entries of the title and title documents have to be supplied, the cost of Official Copies is £3 per document, some documents do cost more and may be up to £24. If the property is leasehold we do have to provide details of the landlord’s title. For leasehold properties we have to obtain management packs. Again the charges of managing agents varies enormously from £150 to about £500. A sale of a leasehold property cannot be progressed without the management pack.

Our charges include the negotiation of the contract and completion documents, the submission of the SDLT return to HM Revenue and Customs, registration of your title at the Land Registry and registration with the landlord where necessary.


We do not operate a fixed fee scale for Probate matters, we will agree a fee with you for each step of the process once we have been able to ascertain the complexity of the Estate. Our fees for this work will be calculated on an hourly basis which is £300 plus VAT per hour.

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